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Unsurprisingly, we got a lot of applications to speak about solutions for multilingual WordPress. With so many options, we wanted to give more than one solution a chance. So rather than just settling on one, we invited three applicants to speak in a special session dedicated to the state of Multilingual WordPress.

WordPress is used all over the world, with versions supported in more than 70 languages. The polyglots team provides translations of the WordPress back-end, but what are the options for creating a multilingual website? Different solutions have been developed for creating websites that can display content in multiple languages but as yet no canonical method exists. In this double session, three developers will each present on their method for creating a multilingual WordPress website.

The developers and their multilingual solutions are:

The session will be introduced and moderated by Zé Fontainhas, WordPress Polyglots lead, who will talk about why multilingual WordPress is a problem and why it’s important. After the presentations, there will be a panel discussion with the developers and the audience will be invited to ask questions.

This session will run for 1 hr and 30 minutes.